We had victories in the Cold War.

We had victories in the Cold War.Since the formation of the crew, our boat miraculously passed away any possible troubles, as a rule, accompanying any other ship under construction. There was not even gross misconduct. Moreover, it was our ship that was the first of the 671РТМ submarines a few hours after launching the first trip to 1981 of the year, discovered and conducted a long tracking of a foreign submarine conducting reconnaissance in Avachinsky Bay. In the same campaign, we "removed from the tail of our submarine missile carrier the second" foreigner "stuck to it.

The nuclear submarine K-492 of the 671РТМ project was built at the Leninsky Komsomol plant (Komsomolsk-on-Amur) and joined the division in the autumn of 1979. At the beginning of 1980, I was appointed as its commander. I was considered lucky, because I twice received the title ahead of time and quickly moved in the service.

Passing me the ship "by inheritance", Igor Ivanovich Gordeyev, who invested all his soul in the crew training, told me: "This will be a" happy pike ", pay attention to the tactical number 492" (the rarest and only case when the first airborne number coincided with the tactical ).


The 492nd year is the year of the discovery of America, and it was our boat in 1982 that "rediscovered" America for the Soviet fleet, paving the way to the base of the 17th squadron of the US Navy, to the base of the Trident submarine missile carriers - the most treasured that our overseas opponents had.

It was she who managed for the first time to detect and track the head submarine "Ohio" - the main trump card of the American nuclear strategic triad.

The hike was prepared top secret. The decision was reported personally to Vice-Admiral Rudolf Alexandrovich Golosov, chief of staff of the Pacific Fleet. The transition to the combat service area was carried out by a course of successive displacements, which excluded the reliable determination of the coordinates of the target when the boat was detected by the coastal and maneuverable forces of the enemy. Actively used the worked out schemes of switching mechanisms - the main sources of discrete components for the elimination of unmasking signs.

The area itself, the approaches to the Juan de Fuca Bay off the west coast of the United States were in the zone of continuous anti-submarine surveillance. Moreover, the depth is about 100 m (with the length of the boat 110 m), intensive navigation and fishing, a strong current created insurmountable difficulties in controlling the ship, even without opposition from the enemy.


First, I received information that in the near future an atomic submarine with ballistic missiles (SSBN) "Ohio" should go into combat service. He then got a second one: upon detection, it is guaranteed to record the hydro-acoustic portrait of “Ohio”. It was obvious that with such a rapprochement, the mutual detection range was guaranteed. So they can find us! Yes they can. So they can install tracking and chase, even lift! Yes they can! Then they'll take me off. Yes removed, and you do not get caught. I fell into thought. I once again appreciated the area and came from the recommended course, where the caravans of ships were going in a continuous stream. I will not give you and them such pleasure. After consulting with the mechanics, I came to the conclusion that the combination of the “Silence” mode and the selection of the maximum hidden course when approaching the “Ohio” will allow you to get close to the enemy's boat on the 20 cable.

About a day before the release of the SSBNs, two Canadian and US Coast Guard ships arrived in the area. Took the starting position. The Americans, unaware of the presence of the USSR Navy boat in the area, behaved serenely. For 12 hour. before the release of the SSBN, the US Navy PLO aircraft appeared. It was getting dark. Immersed after the next communication session. Made the switching mechanisms and the calculation of the course search and convergence. They carried out hydrological supplementary exploration, took a position, stopped the mechanisms and electrical devices, without which it is possible to do without, announced the search mode for SSBNs and were in that position for more than five hours.

The night has come.

The Ohio SSBN was detected at a distance of 180 cable. By calculation, diverged at a distance 80 cable. To accurately record the noise you need to move closer to a safe distance. According to calculations, the foreign boat entered the 100-meter isobath, the SSBN commander blew the ballast, surfaced. Also surfaced under the periscope: the lights of the big city, anyway, that stuck his head out of the hatch on Tverskaya Street at rush hour. Everything was flying and shining. Upstairs a clear starry night, swell, the boat keeps periscope depth poorly - nice weather! I decided to start a rapprochement with the SSBN, disguised by the noise of the marching ships.

Immersed. The distance to the enemy's boat is 40, ... 17 cable, six knots, turbine can be clearly heard, spectral analyzer has shaft-blade components, number of screws, number of revolutions, number of blades, recorded the acoustic portrait of the boat and the bulkhead. The target increased the speed to 17 nodes and turned on the onboard target noise simulator. Now we heard the shrill creak of the shaft and the broadband noise of the cargo ship. But in the spectrum of this noise, the still-lobed components of the Ohio are still clearly visible. We continued tracking at 20 nodes speed.

We had a combat order to detect the tracking coordinates every four hours with the detection of a SSBN. So prescribed the documents when detecting a boat on its shore. Here it was insane. I transmitted the radio to transfer us to the 12-hour session and continued tracking. We safely escorted the target around the 20 hour. to the area of ​​combat training, after which, on the orders of the command post of the Pacific Fleet, they returned to the waiting area.


In the following days, they went out to hydroacoustic contact twice and were tracking American SSBNs. The second time they found the boat directly at the exit from the base. After several hours of tracking, the SSBN returned to base.

The third time, when deploying SSBNs for the first combat service, the annoying K-492 again stood in its way. “Ohio”, dodging us, got into the net of a fishing trawler, wrapped it on a screw and lost speed. Thus, the start of the patrol was replaced by a return in tow to the Bangor dock. Historical the first exit on combat patrol was disrupted. The Americans believed that at least three USSR boats were operating in the area, blocking access to the sea from three directions.

It was a tough but brilliant success: the well-coordinated and trained crew of the K-492 found and installed tracking of the American submarine carrier three times. Even with his solid guard, our boat was never discovered and prosecuted.

Later, following us, in these parts six boats of the 45 division were successfully searched, and the K-492 again under the command of my former head officer O.M. Lobanova. And this time “K-492” was with the “booty”, which became SSBN “Florida”. But this is another story.


In the year 1983, by the decision of the Pacific Fleet command, I, the commander of K-492, were sent in the rank of deputy division commander senior on board the K-305 submarine to her first combat service. "K-305", commanded by the captain of the 2 rank V.K. Bondarenko was also built in Komsomolsk-on-Amur and arrived in the division in the winter of the year 1982.

The boat from the position of "combat service" was tasked with reaching the interception of an aircraft carrier strike force (AUS) of the US Navy consisting of three aircraft carriers, 28 ships for various purposes, a tactical submarine group with a relay ship. All this was provided by the basic patrol aviation. This was the beginning of the training of the American Navy in the Pacific Ocean "FLITEKS 83-1.

Two days later, "K-305" with its own search tools reached the main goal. During the first 10 days of covert surveillance, the crew provided themselves with all the classification information that enabled them to develop tactical covert tracking techniques and applications. weapons from the tracking position. Immediately, I note: all subsequent discoveries of the boat by AUS forces were deliberately staged by me, as a senior on board, to identify the anti-submarine tactics of the Americans.

Here is an excerpt from an American source, the AUS event logbook:

- “04.04. The Los Angeles submarine reported on short-term contact with the submarine on 08.15 and on 08.45 on 80 bearing, degrees. The report was disregarded ”;

- “06.04. The deck aircraft "Intruder" with AVMA "Enterprise" with its radar detected the withdrawable devices of the submarine ". (At that time, we were at the periscope depth, not dodging, and we observed everything at the periscope, identifying the tracking tactics of the submarines by helicopters, getting very interesting results. The boat surfaced in the 15 – 20 cable from the aircraft carrier and stuck under the periscope there until it was discovered .)

- “07.04. In 11.50, a Sea King helicopter with an AVMA Enterprise in 6 miles from an aircraft carrier found a submarine and in 12.05, 12.14 and 12.34 struck a conventional strike on it. In 12.44, a second helicopter hit ”;

“The contact is lost on 13.05, the Difar radio buoy is restored on 13.20, the 13.28 is lost, the 13.38 is restored and soon lost.”

Such an experience is unique, and it could only be acquired in peacetime, revealing the actual capabilities of the antisubmarine forces of a formidable carrier-based multi-purpose compound of a potential enemy.

It is worthwhile to cite here an extract from the report of the American command in the exercise zone: “After analyzing the exercise“ FLITEX 83-1 ”, the American side came to the conclusion that numerous narrow-band radiations from AUS ships created great difficulties in detecting and recognizing PLA, which generated a large number of false contacts, for supplementary exploration of which considerable forces and means of PLO were constantly diverted. From 9 to 14, April, 300 was reported to report on contact with the submarine, but only seven of them were likely to be attributed to contacts with the submarine. ”


The Americans were sure of their invulnerability and victory, but the Soviet submariners found control over the naval super-weapon that destroyed Japan, Korea, Vietnam, etc. It was decided to use the only submariner’s own tactics: bottom-up, secretly penetrate the structure of an armada of American ships hiding aviation.

The effect exceeded all expectations.

From the report of the AUS commander: “... the actions of the PLA are a challenge to the US AUS and the SOSUS system. The boat turned out to be invulnerable and quiet, and the predicted PLA detection range of this project turned out to be ten times less than predicted: the TASS antenna must be detected at a distance of at least 20 miles, and in fact two or three miles, and that is not reliable. TAKTASS antennas were ineffective even if there were acoustic reconnaissance specialists from the naval intelligence support center on board the ships. The same result for the LEMPS system. All the AUS forces, including the tracking evasion tactics and masking, were thrown at the search and detection of the boat. ”

In the history of the "invulnerable" American aircraft carriers before this, there has not been a single case of such unpunished tracking of the main target! At the same time, we identified the tactics of the combined use of all the forces of the search for AUS to detect Soviet submarines. Using techniques developed by the K-492 crew, we have reduced narrowband radiation as much as possible - discrete components of the PLA hydroacoustic field, so we have deprived the enemy of the ability to use distinctive classification features that would allow him to select the boat in a timely manner. The Americans could not use the portrait method of tracking Soviet boats using the library of contacts with boats of the first and second generations. In this connection, the commander of the AUS indicated in the report: “The main conclusion - control over the underwater situation no longer provided the AUS with the former reliability and effectiveness of the PLO”. As a result, Flitex was curtailed, and K-305 continued its march in accordance with military orders.

This day, April 7 1983, the Americans called Black Monday. All attempts to track six (!!!) Russian submarines, as at first they appreciated the tracking “grouping” of the Pacific Fleet, failed. In total, in three weeks of the “war” in the Pacific, Americans lost the advantages that gave them the right to demonstrate their superiority with impunity. It was then that we won the cold war, but they lost it and began to look for a replacement for it.
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  1. +12
    10 September 2016 06: 05
    "That's when we won the Cold War, but they lost it and started looking for a replacement."
    And what's the point? We won the pawn, we lost the queen! Bad party. This is called a fist after a fight.
    1. +7
      10 September 2016 06: 57
      Bad party. This is called a fist after a fight.

      You are very picky! The article is about 1983. If you haven't noticed it, then reread it. Before the election of your favorite "marked humpback" remained two years without a month.
      1. +4
        10 September 2016 08: 38
        The article is about 1983. If you haven't noticed it, then reread it. Before the election of your favorite "marked humpback" remained two years without a month.

        For example, I also do not understand what kind of success in the Cold War is involved. Describes boat maneuvers, tested successfully, well done, and what next? By the way, didn’t you like Gorbachev? You who liked more, let me guess. Chernenko? Are you a gerontophile, an admirer of barely dragging feet, having difficulty holding the upright position of the Kremlin elders? Pointlessly staring at a piece of paper with a speech, often did not understand the meaning of what was read.
        1. +2
          10 September 2016 11: 04
          Hapfrey "By the way, did you like Gorbachev?"

          Who loves Judas? They, allegedly, "FULFILL the supreme will." Only the "marked hunchback" fulfilled the will of the "evil one", those circles to whom the USSR had a "sharp knife at the throat." And you, most likely, "Evon" portrait still hanging in the red corner? Tolerant you are our ... bully
          Hapfrey "Who you liked best, let me guess. Chernenko?"

          Wrong, "dear", Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin, the antipode of all further politicians who ruled the USSR built by him, strangling the fans of the Leiba Trotsky line / ah, what a pity that not to the end and not everywhere! /, Bitterly hated by the KP-SS orthodox and their vy.dkami in the form of modern representatives of democracy, financed from the state treasury at the expense of the legacy of the USSR, fulfilling the will of the Fashington "regional committee". am
          Hapfrey "Are you a gerontophile, an admirer of the Kremlin elders who barely dragged their legs, with difficulty keeping the vertical position of the Kremlin elders?"

          First, learn how to place commas. And if on the merits of the matter, then it is not in vain that the retirement age is established, although ... V.S. Vysotsky:
          "The lifespan has increased
          And maybe the ends
          The poets moved aside for a while. " request
          Humphrey "Goggling pointlessly at the paper with the speech, often not understanding the meaning of what they read."

          Reagan ... too? Same for our term - "speechwriters". negative
    2. +1
      10 September 2016 13: 41
      Quote: kalibr
      "That's when we won the Cold War, but they lost it and started looking for a replacement."
      And what's the point? We won the pawn, we lost the queen! Bad party. This is called a fist after a fight.

      The author told how people brilliantly fulfilled their duties. Did they really need to know about the fate of the Soviet Union?
  2. +3
    10 September 2016 06: 49
    492th Year Is America's Discovery Year Posted by Vladimir Dudko

    Brave claim! Although, if you add 1000 years / ten centuries /, then "natürlich".
    1. ICT
      10 September 2016 07: 36
      it's simple, the little one wasn’t about to print
      1. +2
        10 September 2016 08: 23
        Quote: TIT
        it's simple, the little one wasn’t about to print

        And the editors as a category have been completely eliminated? Here's how to portray something "in an unprintable dialect" of the Russian language, how the moderators immediately "put on bracelets."
        By the way, I remembered the phrase of the doctor / artist Leonid Bronevoy / from the movie "Formula of Love":
        "We had a clerk in the county. He wrote down his year of birth in the patchport with one number - ink, rogue, saved."
  3. +7
    10 September 2016 08: 20
    I read this article and the source. Plus to the author, and the fact that our submariners were able to cause trouble, I read this more than once. Thank.
  4. +11
    10 September 2016 09: 36
    Navigation support of our submarines was carried out by the RSDN "Route" operating in the super-long-wave range. The creator of this system was NII-93 (director Yu.G. Guzhva is an outstanding scientist who died untimely. He is highly respected in the USSR Ministry of Radio Industry and at 6GU. Low bow to him). The boats determined their coordinates without surfacing, but the buoy had to be for a short time below the surface of the water about 12 meters. Then he went back to the boat.
    And in other areas of military and military equipment, we won the Cold War. Remember, for example, the MiG-25 P and P, MiG-31. New at the time of the air defense system. I have the honor.
    1. The comment was deleted.
  5. The comment was deleted.
    1. 0
      12 September 2016 19: 43
      Well, they didn’t give boast, he is the only one, and you ...
  6. 0
    10 September 2016 10: 13
    And then we won the Cold War, and they lost it and began to look for a replacement for it. [
    /bapter..Activated their actions from within ...
  7. The comment was deleted.
    1. +2
      10 September 2016 12: 15
      In general, we beat everyone, but in the end they beat us. Why is it not clear?
      1. 0
        10 September 2016 13: 54
        user / kalibr / "Why, is it not clear?"

        Because: Do not be stupid and not be stupid!
  8. 0
    26 February 2017 14: 11
    Quote: V.ic
    user / kalibr / "Why, is it not clear?"

    Because: Do not be stupid and not be stupid!

    .... To discuss the actions of the Submarine Forces is an ungrateful dangerous business ... Example of US Navy - "no comments ..."
    The less they know about it, the more likely they are to come home and kiss a spinogryza
    And then - there are too many special nuances .... Well, memoirs - they are memoirs - ("... that sailor is bad if he does not sleep ... dies ..."
  9. +1
    April 17 2017 22: 09
    The article is good. I read it and enjoyed it. Reading such things is incomparably more interesting than the endless transfusion from empty to empty (where did 36 missiles go ?, did the aircraft carrier move somewhere ?, was there a chemical attack ?, there were firing in the city).

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