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"Congratulations" on the Day of the liberation of Donbass from Ukrohunta

"Congratulations" on the Day of the liberation of Donbass from Ukrohunta

The beginning of September 1943 was marked for a significant part of the territory of Donbass by the liberation from the Nazi occupiers. On September 8, the Red Army entered the city of Stalino as the winner (now Donetsk). After that, other tasks arose before the mining region - it was necessary to restore everything that the Nazis destroyed. And the day of 8 September is celebrated as the Day of Liberation of Donbass, and this is one of the most significant holidays for the inhabitants of this land.

Now, at the new stage, - the war in the Donbas is again. And again it is necessary to rebuild houses, schools, kindergartens, hospitals, factories affected by shelling by the neo-fascist junta in Kiev. Unfortunately, part of the Donetsk region and Luhansk region is still under control (actually - by occupation) of this very junta. Persecution of people continues there for the mere suspicion of sympathy for the People's Republics and for Russia. Even a holiday such as the Day of Liberation of the Donbass, which has always been particularly respected in the mining region, in the temporarily occupied territories, only a few were able to celebrate. On the territory of the DNR, residents honored this day very worthy.

A beautiful, majestic monument on Saur-Grave, erected in honor of the “fatal forties” soldiers, lies in ruins ... However, these ruins are covered with flowers - residents of the Donetsk People's Republic do not forget the battles of the Great Patriotic War or what happened on the mound in the summer of 2014 year . 8 thousand people came September 7 to this height. Unfortunately, the Eternal Flame after the damage to the memorial burns there now only on holidays, but, of course, on such a day it was lit.

It is ridiculous to read poisonous reports on the celebration of the Day of Liberation of Donbass on Ukrainian websites: “In Donetsk, on September 7, the illegal organization“ DPR ”organized a rally near the Tolbukhin monument”.

What do those supposedly “legitimate” do in these September days? That is, calling themselves the power of Ukraine? And about it reports Donetsk agency News: “The Ukrainian security forces fired heavy mine weapons at the mine named after Zasyadko in Donetsk ”(September 7),“ A DPR soldier was killed as a result of shelling by the Armed Forces of Ukraine from the Armed Forces of Ukraine ”(September 7),“ The Ukrainian military fired mortars at the village of Zaitsevo near Gorlovka ”(September 7),“ The Ukrainian army shelled the outskirts of Donetsk, Yasinovataya and the village of Sakhanka in the south of the DPR ”(September 8).

This is how the "valiant" Ukrainian fighters "congratulated" the Donbas people! And this is despite the truce with 1 September! Another "truce inside the truce." Actually, no one has yet canceled the Minsk agreements, however, since the Ukrainian side constantly violates them, then an additional truce has to be periodically concluded, in particular, at the beginning of September when children go to school. But this “double truce”, as we see, the ukroratels do not particularly respect. Because of what, almost every day, people continue to suffer and even die.

From the territory of Ukraine, in the meantime, new news comes about the fascist orgy under the guise of "decommunization".

Thus, in Kiev, the grave of the twice Hero of the Soviet Union, the legendary partisan Sidor Kovpak, was desecrated the other day. With his gravestones shot down the stars of the Hero, damaged cast inscription.

In the center of Kiev, at the hands of the neo-fascists, a monument to the great heroine of the Soviet people Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya suffered. Someone's little hands first painted the monument, and then threw it to the ground.

Moreover, instead of promptly removing the traces of vandalism, the authorities are discussing the question - not whether to transfer the statue of Zoe to the so-called “museum of decommunization”. The museum itself, as promised by officials, will be opened soon.

In addition, the Kiev mayor's office promises to make another gesture in favor of radical nationalists - on the day of the UPA (October 14) to demolish the monument to Nikolai Shchors.

Vandalism, degeneration and banal hooliganism. With such words one could characterize what is happening around the monuments. What is called "decommunization." But, taking into account the fact that people continue to die because of the actions of both radicals and the Kiev junta, this is ordinary fascism. From which it is again necessary to free the land - and the New Russia and Ukraine.

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  1. Tatar 174
    Tatar 174 9 September 2016 06: 27
    But, taking into account the fact that due to the actions of both radicals and the Kiev junta, people continue to die, this is ordinary fascism. From which again it is necessary to free the land - both of New Russia and Ukraine.

    This holiday day of the second and final liberation of New Russia from the Nazis is yet to come. And as for the rest of the territories of present-day Ukraine, is this necessary? Do Ukrainians themselves want this?
    1. elenagromova
      9 September 2016 06: 30
      It is not good, however, that right on our borders is a state with fascist power ... Of course, it would be advisable to correct this situation.
      1. dmi.pris1
        dmi.pris1 9 September 2016 06: 56
        As for correcting the situation, I completely agree with you. But do they agree in the Kremlin?
    2. GYGOLA
      GYGOLA 9 September 2016 11: 27
      The posters need to be rewritten: "Miner, revive the heroic might of Donbass; Ukraine!"
  2. Al_oriso
    Al_oriso 9 September 2016 06: 39
    The more truces there are, the more impudent Ukrainian warriors are. I don’t understand why they get away with it? Why do not we see a response? Is it really so difficult to suppress firing points shooting at civilians?
  3. Reptiloid
    Reptiloid 9 September 2016 06: 45
    Such heavy fighting took place at the DNR army with ukrokhunta, glad that
    Saur-Mogila on the territory of the DPR. This is very important. It is difficult to learn about the desecration of monuments of the USSR
    1. Dart2027
      Dart2027 11 September 2016 20: 11
      Song "Saur Tomb" (in memory of the fallen soldiers):
    CONTROL 9 September 2016 07: 29
    - but not to transfer the statue of Zoe to the so-called "museum of decommunization."
    Hey, you are there in your "museums" - restore these statues and monuments, put them in order! ...
    ... Soon they will have to put them back, return to their places! Hurry up!
  5. parusnik
    parusnik 9 September 2016 08: 13
    What is called "decommunization."
    ... Elena, this is how it happens in Russia ... a monument to Kolchak, a "dignity" memorable to Mannerheim ... only without much fuss ... There is a private museum to General Vlasov ...
  6. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 9 September 2016 08: 31
    What is called "decommunization"

    Yesterday in "The Right to Voice" already with Kulikov (R. Babayan turns out to be a deputy from "Fair Russia") this topic was just discussed. The Russian liberals proceeded on the D.R.M.o. arguing that this must be continued in our country. Chubais's brother generally lost his bearings - he shouted "Glory okraine", arguing that during the period of repression 66 million people were killed (you heard right, 66 million), that after the war four more famines were carried out in Ukraine and further in the same spirit. It seems to me that the time has come for deliberalization. Carry out lustration of all so-called ardent "liberals", to deprive them of their posts in universities, government, other state structures, to give everyone a "wolf ticket". The most frostbitten and radical under the article, which is always found. Otherwise, we may face resistance that will end in a lot of blood.
    1. masiya
      masiya 9 September 2016 11: 13
      All this trash is a one-way ticket to London and a lifelong ban on entering Russia.
  7. masiya
    masiya 9 September 2016 11: 15
    That's what he said in due time still Dostoevsky
  8. Mihail55
    Mihail55 9 September 2016 11: 29
    How many new places have learned during the days of the war in modern Ukraine. Previously, I had never heard of Slavyansk, Debaltseve, Ilovaisk and others. And most importantly, now Saur-Mogila will now be glorified for centuries, twice became a symbol of the unconquered Donbass.
    1. Reptiloid
      Reptiloid 9 September 2016 12: 39
      I read somewhere that later, when the battles for Saur-Mogila were finally over, and the place was finally owned by the DPR, the Americans did not understand the ukrokhunt for so long fighting here. Do not understand the Americans that this place is sacred.
      Yesterday, in connection with another topic, I was thinking about renaming. In Leningrad, on the Petrogradskaya Side, there were approximately 3 avenues parallel to each other: Bolshoi Prospect, Shchorsa Avenue and Chkalovsky. At some point, Shchorsa Avenue was returned to its pre-revolutionary name. I regret that there is no such street in today's St. Petersburg. I read about this hero of the Revolution. He was called "Ukrainian Chapaev." He died at 24 years old. There is Chapaev Street in St. Petersburg.
      1. OLD FART
        OLD FART 9 September 2016 21: 08
        Reptiloid Today, 12: 39 ↑ New
        I read somewhere that later, when the battles for Saur-Mogila were finally over, and the place was finally owned by the DPR, the Americans did not understand the ukrokhunt for so long fighting here. Do not understand the Americans that this place is sacred.

        They don’t understand this .... But I can’t understand why this time the Slavs clashed there? After all, are the Zapadnets far? What happened to Ukraine .... Thanks Donbass! Eternal memory to the fallen militias of New Russia ...
  9. peter-tank
    peter-tank 9 September 2016 16: 00
    I look at these smallheads, read about their "exploits" and think - how much work the competent authorities of the LPNR and the Russian Federation have to do after the liberation of Novorossiya, Little Russia and Slobozhanshchina!