Bulgaria wanted gas

In 2017, Bulgaria intends to assess the economic viability of the project to build a gas distribution center in Varna for the purpose of storing and transporting gas from the Russian Federation and the Caspian region to South-Eastern and Central Europe. The Bulgarian plan did not appear out of nowhere: it was formed in the light heads there after the abolition of the “South Stream”.

Bulgaria wanted gas

Next year Bulgaria intends to assess the economic feasibility of the construction project in the port of Varna of a distribution center for natural gas. The center will cost around 1,5 billion euros. It could serve for the storage and transportation of gas from the Russian Federation and the Caspian region to South-Eastern and Central Europe, reports Mixednews.ru with reference to the site maritime-executive.com.

A new plan for the Bulgarians arose after Gazprom canceled the South Stream gas pipeline project (it reminds the publication that it had to send gas along the Black Sea through Bulgaria to Central Europe). The cancellation of the South Stream project was a real blow to Sofia: after all, Bulgaria consumes almost exclusively gas from Russia.

The proposed gas transmission hub would allow Bulgaria to use both the gas pipeline branches that it builds with Greece, Serbia, Romania and Turkey, and the underwater gas pipeline from Russia.

True, Sofia has no money. Bulgarians are hoping for funds from foreign investors. If investors were found, the construction of the site would start ... in 2021 year.

Bulgaria hopes to make an investment decision on the center in 2020. It is ready to offer investors up to fifty percent of the shares of this company, said the head of Bulgartransgaz, Georgy Gegov.

But it's not just investors. Like it or not, and without Russia, the project does not work. However, without the consent of the European Union and other interested forces and parties, it also will not work. Politics is everywhere ahead of the economy. And somehow it happened that the unfortunate Bulgarians are tight on all sides, and as a result they have neither money nor gas.

Therefore, Prime Minister Boyko Borisov called on Brussels to participate in a meeting with Russia and help advance the gas distribution project. Borisov made rather sharp statements. He told the meeting of investors that this time it is impossible to “allow to bypass Bulgaria”. And he said to the European Commission: "That is why you must help us and help speed up the work."

A little more, and Borisov would have ordered the European Commissioners to take up welding machines and begin to lay pipes in the direction of Bulgaria.

And what about Russia? Is Borisov sure that she will be able to convince of the expediency of the new initiative? After all, for this, Moscow should be persuaded to lay a gas pipeline along the seabed to Bulgaria. That is, the Kremlin must believe that the Bulgarians have now become much more compliant and that the time has come to plan Russian gas supplies to Central Europe through the proposed distribution hub. At the same time, the Kremlin must somehow believe that the European Commission will also become more compliant. This is at the time of endlessly prolonged sanctions!

Recall, precisely because of the inflexible position of European commissioners, Moscow refused to “Yuzhny”. In fact, he was replaced by the "Turkish Stream". And the Bulgarians, who whispered in their ears, not only the European Commissioners, but also the US Senator McCain (where America is, and where Bulgaria is!), Remained at the bottom of the trough.

In fact, the amazing initiatives of a poor Bulgaria, which, in fact, has not only money, but even estimates of such a project, are caused by recent Russian and Turkish statements about the revival of the Turkish Stream.

Following the August meeting between Putin and Erdogan, the resumption of work on the Turkish Stream was announced, reminds RBC. President Erdogan made a promise to pay half the cost of building the land part of the pipeline. 4 September, the Minister of Economic Development of Russia Alexei Ulyukayev said that the parties had moved to discuss the details of the construction of the pipeline.

September 7 evening Interfax gave one more news on this topic: Gazprom through diplomatic channels received the first permission from the Turkish authorities to implement the Turkish Stream project.

According to Alexey Miller, the Turkish side’s move reflects Ankara’s interest in the project and indicates the transition to its implementation.

Earlier, Interfax also reported on the talks held last week by Mr. Miller and the Minister of Energy and Natural Resources of the Republic of Turkey Berat Albayrak. The parties agreed on the early completion of all preparatory procedures for the start of the project.

In addition, 2 of September, Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak reported that the road map for the Turkish Stream project is scheduled to be completed in October, notes "Lenta.ru". The signing of an intergovernmental agreement may take place several months later.

However, with the "Turkish Stream" is also not all smooth.

Two questions hinder his progress: about the rather big discount on gas, which the Turks demand, and about the capacity of the gas pipeline.

“There are no problems with the first thread of the Turkish Stream, its construction can be started,” said Taner Yildyz, who was the Minister of Energy of Turkey at that time, in August last year. “I hope that Russia will not delay the signing of an agreement on a gas discount in the amount of 10,25%.” According to Yildiz, who leads Gazeta.ru, such a discount would allow Turkey to save annually about 1 billion.

But to the unofficial data, the edition reminds, the Turks wanted to get a discount not even 10,25, but all 15%. Russian “Gazprom” agreed only on 6%. It came to an arbitration dispute: the parties are now awaiting the decision of the international arbitration on the claim of the Turkish company Botas: it filed it because of Gazprom’s unwillingness to lower prices. The newspaper does not exclude that, since the “Turkish Stream” has moved from a dead center, the issue with a discount will also be resolved.

And the second question: about the power of the pipeline. Earlier, Gazprom announced 4 threads of the Turkish Stream. However, currently only two are talked about (and this is the maximum). As Mr. Novak reported earlier, the first branch (for Turkish consumers) may be launched in the 2019 year.

“In the current situation, it’s too early to talk about the construction of a second branch,” Aleksey Grivach, deputy head of the National Energy Security Foundation, quotes Gazeta.ru. “First we need to get guarantees that gas will be in demand in the European Union.”

In addition, we would add, it would be nice to get assurances that the European Union will not put sticks in the wheels of this project either for a couple with the ubiquitous US. Yes, Turkey is not Sophia, and Erdogan is unlikely to listen to any McCain "neosultan" Erdogan. However, everything connected with European consumers and some market players suspected of a “monopoly” position, in one way or another, concerns the European Commission.

There is also a special factor - Ukraine, for which Europe is also cheering. Gazprom’s contracts with it end at the end of 2019. And the position of Gazprom regarding their extension (or termination) is completely incomprehensible. The construction of the Turkish Stream will certainly hit Ukraine, depriving it of transit revenues. Europe has repeatedly stated that the Ukrainian transit of Russian gas should be preserved, that is, supported Kiev. If only Brussels does not deny its support for Kiev (which is unlikely), then the construction of the second branch of the Turkish Stream is unlikely to take place: this branch will be hacked into the EU. The Europeans who support Ukraine simply will not give Gazprom guarantees that gas from Russia transported via the Turkish Stream will be in demand. In the absence of such guarantees, no one in his mind would pull the gas pipeline.

Observed and commented on Oleg Chuvakin
- especially for topwar.ru
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    1. +10
      9 September 2016 06: 02
      "Borisov made some rather harsh statements. He told the meeting of investors that this time one cannot 'be allowed to bypass Bulgaria.'

      What a curious guy. laughing In the EU, everyone got scared and rushed to take into account the interests of Bulgaria.
      1. +5
        9 September 2016 10: 39
        Vladimir today, 06:02 a new
        Quote - "Borisov made some rather harsh statements. He informed the meeting of investors that this time it should not" be allowed to bypass Bulgaria. "

        What a curious guy. laughing In the EU, everyone got scared and rushed to take into account the interests of Bulgaria.
        Laughter, laughter, but Russia does not have much to rely on Bulgaria, and even Turkey should not be deceived. Internal relations in the EU, coupled with their subordination to the United States, will not give Russia a long time to relax and make any long-playing plans.

        In general, I would like to read some more qualified article analyzing the situation after 2019, when the contract with Ukraine ended and Russia stopped supplying gas through its territory. It is clear that a "wave of righteous indignation" will rise in the EU and the US over the bad faith on the part of Russia as a gas supplier, but this is nothing new to Russia. The question is what will Russia do when it does not come to an agreement with Turkey or Bulgaria (represented by the EU) regarding the laying of a gas pipeline under the Black Sea, and the EU and the US will block Nord Stream 2. I absolutely do not want to feed the Kiev junta, but also lose the sales market. Dillem.

        What about Bulgaria? Bulgaria is an obedient vassal of the United States and the EU and the good attitude of Bulgarians towards Russians does not affect our economic relations, which cannot be called relations because of their insignificance. The same goes for Ukraine. Therefore, Russia needs now to think about what we will do when 2019 comes.
        1. +5
          9 September 2016 17: 54
          Therefore, Russia needs now to think about what we will do when 2019 comes.

          For example, gasify their own regions (more than half of them are non-gasified), and this is also a market and very large and the benefits are double. And then Europe, which does not have its own gas, is gasified better than the supplier, and this is wrong.
          1. +5
            9 September 2016 19: 00
            Yes, our gasification of Russia is proceeding at a good pace ... They are pulling regardless of the costs! Distances are long and yet ... But Bulgarians are "corrupt brothers" and it will still haunt them ..
            Well, a little "black humor" ...
    2. +9
      9 September 2016 06: 30
      When politics prevails over economics, this is the theater of the absurd! Nevertheless, one must go with a pipe to China, Japan, India, and these fools who do not understand their benefits should leave an empty pipe ukrov ..
      1. +1
        9 September 2016 06: 49
        since the early 90s, politics (geopolitics) always prevails over economics. since the period of "traditional capitalism", which was so brilliantly described by the classics, is over ... inside you need to consume more ... and not wander around the world with a pipe ... and with China and Japan, the same geopolitics will arise ...
    3. +7
      9 September 2016 06: 35
      The Bulgarians should take an example from ... Ukraine ... Cry in Brussels, maybe the reverse will throw up .. Highways ..
    4. +9
      9 September 2016 06: 38
      In southern Europe, all countries are problematic, without sovereignty. What is Bulgaria, what is Greece. Wherever you stick with the southern streams - everywhere the European Commission climbs. It is safe to build only the first branch of the Turkish stream - to supply Turkey itself. The second branch can only be built when the EU-blessed gas pipeline for the supply of Azerbaijani gas appears and connect to it. Referring, at the same time, to the third energy package laughing Let’s see how the commissars will turn out.

      And the problem of Ukrainian transit sooner or later will be solved positively for Russia. Sooner or later Europe will be frozen and gas stolen. After such a demonstration of hydency and SP-2 and any southern option will be accepted with a bang. There may also be a major accident at the U-Kriyu gas transportation system, due to deterioration, or even a deliberate terrorist attack. The result will be the same.
      1. 0
        9 September 2016 07: 10
        In the near future this is unlikely. It would be great. If the independent will steal from their benefactors
        1. +1
          9 September 2016 12: 57
          It all depends entirely on winter temperature. The specifics of transit are such that during frosts, Ukrainians take Russian transit gas in the east and consume it, and in the west, at the exit, lift it from the underground gas storage facility. If there is not enough gas in the underground gas storage facilities, then just don’t pump Gazprom - Europe will freeze anyway. In the USSR, such a gas transportation scheme was optimal; but now no. Over 25 years, Ukraine has not done anything to change the technological scheme, and now they have very little gas in the underground gas storage facilities.
    5. +4
      9 September 2016 06: 41
      Seeing how Germany openly spits on all sorts of European requirements, for its own benefit, Bulgaria also decided to show independence, but did they ask the Americans for permission?
    6. +3
      9 September 2016 07: 03
      Freeze all negotiations on all branches of the year by 2. And in a couple of years they themselves will beg and pull these branches.
      1. +1
        10 September 2016 19: 41
        This is the best option in this situation. Then you can even arrange a drinder (tender). And the gas is not sour.
    7. +5
      9 September 2016 07: 13
      They pulled state money on pipelines for the West, and their citizens without gas with unfinished Medvedev. That is, foreigners for our leadership are people of the first grade, and their citizens of the second. That's how we live.
      1. The comment was deleted.
    8. +1
      9 September 2016 08: 06
      The Bulgarian politician simply should not become political prostitutes and then there would be a benefit for their country. And the options "we play this, we do not play this, we skip this, I wrapped the fish here" will no longer work with Russia. Licked deeply to Americans and western Europe, now scratch your turnips.
      1. 0
        9 September 2016 15: 14
        The Bulgarian politician simply should not become political prostitutes and then there would be a benefit for their country. And the options "we play this, we do not play this, we skip this, I wrapped the fish here" will no longer work with Russia. Licked deeply to Americans and western Europe, now scratch your turnips.

        Are you telling this to the Bulgarians? They don’t understand, they have everything for a turn. Nods are different-vector. lol
    9. +1
      9 September 2016 08: 13
      And when will we provide Russia with gas ?!
    10. 0
      9 September 2016 08: 42
      Bulgaria, in order to find itself in the "chocolate" of everything, must leave the EU and NATO. Then you will have gas and money will appear immediately. There will be much fewer pointers on how and what to do (Brussels and Washington). So, "scratch your head" good gentlemen if you want to live in an independent country.
    11. +4
      9 September 2016 08: 50
      "Europe has repeatedly stated that the Ukrainian transit of Russian gas should be preserved, that is, they supported Kiev."

      They do not support Kiev, but seek to fill the Ukrainian GTS, so that later they can participate in privatization and later pump the money from the pipe themselves. They still can not decide to put pressure on Kiev to organize the European managing consortium since The issue of pipe filling volume after 2019 has not been finally resolved. Gazprom has said that transit through Ukraine will remain at the level of 15 billion cubic meters, but for some reason no one recalls that the critical technical value is the volume of at least 40-50 billion, and economic feasibility transit - in the region of 60 billion. Therefore, the EC is strongly opposed to any detours of the Ukrainian GTS. Bulgaria in this song is an empty phrase. They cannot guarantee a single solution. What the EC + USA will say, it will be. They are not interested in the opinion of the Bulgarians.
    12. +1
      9 September 2016 09: 50
      Quote: ZuuT
      since the early 90s, politics (geopolitics) always prevails over economics. since the period of "traditional capitalism", which was so brilliantly described by the classics, is over ... inside you need to consume more ... and not wander around the world with a pipe ... and with China and Japan, the same geopolitics will arise ...

      On the other hand, it’s strange to see how hungry people push away a spoon with porridge. It seemed to me that the more food spoons they bring to you, the better. Give-take, beat-run. Such is the kind of folk wisdom.
      1. +2
        9 September 2016 12: 20
        Quote: Altona
        hungry push away a spoon with porridge

        Among the "hungry", "they wear chacha past their noses, and cherry plum past their company" (Vysotsky's words). And the hand is repulsed by the staff of the State Department, who are not hungry at all. Both the bonus and overtime are received in a timely manner. Why do the "hungry" need it? Their consciousness of the myth that "America is with them" with all its democracy and protection from bloody Putin warms and protects against hungry fainting.
    13. +3
      9 September 2016 09: 54
      after such a lightning reaction in Bulgaria, I propose no longer joking with the Estonians
    14. 0
      9 September 2016 10: 16
      If you stretch a gas pipe to India and China, then these consumers will block more than one Europe in consumption bully !!! You can also supply gas to Japan and both of Korea.
      1. +1
        9 September 2016 12: 18
        To India, it’s more expensive to pull yourself, gnographically - over three seas, over five mountains. Yes, plus very unstable territories from the Caspian to Uyghur (and Iran also has its own gas and oil). Ketay is so far limited to what is signed for the near term. Of course, it’s possible to exterminate and ushirit, but the Ketais are more sophisticated than the Turks, they also put pressure on discounts. Japoha ... let's see what Putin will bring from the Japanese tour. There are plans for liquefaction, for hubs on Sakhalin, etc. But there (Dal.Vost) and without them there is much to spend gas, Putin was seriously engaged in Far Eastern reconnaissance ... development, which means gas and electricity. energy needs a lot.
        Korea, Avot is a very interesting question, but rests on the stability of the DPRK. It is possible to deliver gas to South Korea both by sea and land, and by liquefaction, if the infrastructure was sufficient. But to stretch along the earth, through the DPRK ... it would be good for warming all sides, if only the northerners, for transit (!) Would agree to endure the pipe. There are a lot of pluses for all sides.
        But while there is only the Ketai reinforced concrete branch, the rest is not tomorrow's business. Although, a lot depends on how the world comes out of the recession. Yes, and finally.
    15. +4
      9 September 2016 10: 45
      “When the USSR collapsed, America, intentionally or not, poured huge funds into Bulgaria to reorient the Bulgarian intelligentsia to the West,” says historian Andrei Pantev. - All sorts of specializations, scientific conferences, huge funds and grants for training. All methods were used - from trivial money to political pressure. Former professional Russophiles have now become Americanophiles. The same rhetoric: America cannot be wrong or sin. This causes disgust "Daria ASLAMOVA".Our Bulgarian brothers: We have betrayed Russia, but we love it!"

      Believing them is dearer to yourself. In all military campaigns in Europe against Russia, our Bulgarian brothers have always been on the side of our enemies. America will want Bulgaria to kick up from us again forgetting about its "brotherly love" while the Americanophiles are in power ...
      1. 0
        9 September 2016 12: 33
        Yavot also noticed, as soon as the most beloved student and brother, and the most ugly Russophobe. And the closer he pressed to his heart, the more he kicks today.
      2. +1
        17 September 2016 13: 20
        Only in 1916 did they actually fight in the Bulgarian territory to save the Romanians, and unsuccessfully. All this is a consequence of the results of the "arbitration" of Nicholas II in 1913 at the signing of the Bucharest Peace Treaty after the end of the 2nd Balkan War. Throughout the 2nd MV, Bulgaria and the USSR were in diplomatic relations at the level of envoys until the declaration of war on September 7, 1944 by the USSR to Bulgaria. Later, Gorbachev in Malta let the whole Eastern Europe go for nothing, without asking anyone. Disbanded the CMEA, the Warsaw Pact, etc. like "lived together for 45 years - we don't need you anymore."
        Please do not confuse people and management (puppet)!
    16. +1
      9 September 2016 14: 07
      In a good way, all this bunch of suffering cheap Russian gas - ram on a shovel, and gas - to descendants. Useful for a rainy day.
      Only for this it is necessary to work, and our authorities do not know how to do this, tk. their herd is dominated by former bandits, former party functionaries, and the emerging EBN liberoids; and the most dexterous of this heap have united in JSC "ER"! And the others are not there! Who will lead to a brighter future? laughing
    17. 0
      9 September 2016 14: 38
      For a quarter of a century we have been toiling ourselves under capitalism, and these dark-haired Slavs all "brothers" dream of halva ...
      1. 0
        9 September 2016 14: 39
        ... freebie ...
    18. 0
      9 September 2016 14: 58
      No need to trust these sorry ... am. The USA will put a little pressure on them, and not even the USA, but Merkel will cough - they will cowardly reverse, abandon all their promises.
      Since we have already lost money on South Stream through their fault, why repeat what we have gone through?
    19. 0
      9 September 2016 17: 26
      They will lay the pipe, only leave sanctions, sick)))
    20. +1
      9 September 2016 18: 30
      Quote: alavrin
      Since we have already lost money on South Stream through their fault, why repeat what we have gone through?

      With the Bulgarians, the conversation is short - if you want gas, if you want to become a transit country - TAKE AND WITH YOUR OWN (OR BORED) MONEY, run the pipe yourself. If there is not enough money, then again Gazprom will help, again for YOUR money. Russia has everything ready, and the pipeline and a compressor station on the shore. And you don't need to convince Russia to get paid for it! Yes hi
    21. 0
      9 September 2016 18: 43
      All the while analyzing how, how Stalin and our ancestors for 30 years, after the catastrophic blows to the economy during the years of the Civil War and the Great Patriotic War, without pumping oil and gas abroad, created 2 world economies, accumulated 2600 tons of gold, built tens of thousands of factories and enterprises and thousands of cities and towns. And so on, so on, so on.
      1. 0
        10 September 2016 00: 01
        Everything is simple - preventive shootings of thieves and traitors.
    22. +1
      11 September 2016 12: 31
      we don’t need the damned Russian gas, we need it. Already not even funny, insignificance. That's how it’s not disgusting to be puppets themselves.
    23. 0
      11 September 2016 14: 48
      For a long time I did not go to VO ... They lowered the rank ... Well, okay, we are not careerists :) I read what the author reviewed and commented on. The artistic means used in this text indicate the emotional intensity of the problem and, accordingly, the author’s position on the affected, very not easy, gas topic. 348 series. To be continued... :)
    24. 0
      11 September 2016 19: 44
      Turks, Bulgarians (which is basically the same thing) and Gazprom are equally unpleasant to me. But if the first Basurmans, what else to expect from them, then Gazprom is a two-headed ghoul, with one head sucks gas from the bowels, the other money from the people.
      1. 0
        11 September 2016 19: 49
        Quote: martin-159
        Turks and Bulgarians are equally unpleasant to me and Gazprom

        - imagination is a class !! good

        Quote: martin-159
        ... Gazprom is like a two-headed ghoul, one head sucks gas from the bowels of the earth, the other money from the people.

        - but from now on in more detail, pliz
        - what and in what volumes (and at what price, this is ... important) "sucks" personally from you Gazprom
        - don't speak for the "people"... I, as an example, are also somewhere "people", and I can speak for myself, if anything ...
        1. 0
          13 September 2016 06: 10
          You apparently did not install gas heating in your house and did not hear anything about the increase in gas tariffs. Try it, I promise a lot of unforgettable impressions (at least in the Perm region).
    25. +3
      13 September 2016 11: 20
      How many of these buggers fooled our heads? If my memory serves me from 07 to 14. So let them now go to x ...
    26. +2
      17 September 2016 13: 30
      B. Borisov is the enemy of his country. Ditched 3 strategic projects to please the United States.
      1) Burgas-Alexandropolis Oil Pipeline
      2) Belene NPP
      3) South Stream
      Now he cried like a woman with a broken trough ... The elections are coming crying
    27. 0
      28 December 2016 19: 54
      We have the Nord Stream, enough of Germany (this is 60% of the EU). There is no South Stream, who is worse off? Only EU. And we are already reorienting ourselves to the East.
      With Ukraine, the situation is not clear especially after the victory of Trump. Poroshenko until 2019 certainly will not sit, then the situation will change. Why throw money ahead of time? A bargain with the Turks is due to the cessation of the war in Syria and the support of ISIS, because they are 100% traded due to the possibility of ending or continuing escalation of the conflict. Theoretically, Assad’s physical elimination can shuffle all the cards, and then all the deaths of our guys and the enormous cost of this conflict are very likely to be down the drain, which I would not want to.
    28. The comment was deleted.

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