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During 2011, the RF armed forces tracked approximately 30 rocket launches.

During 2011, the RF armed forces tracked approximately 30 rocket launches.

Over the course of 2011, approximately 30 rocket launches, including ballistic ones, were tracked by the observation forces of the Russian All-Russian Air Defense Command (Aerospace Defense Forces). This was reported to journalists on Sunday by Colonel Alexei Zolotukhin, a representative of the Ministry of Defense on IACV.

"During 2011, the missile attack warning system (SPRN) as well as the missile defense information system (ABM) detected approximately 30 space and ballistic missile launches. These launches were made by both Russia and other states," Zolotukhin said.

According to him, not a single missile was missed by the means of observation. Zolotukhin noted that this once again confirms the constant high combat readiness of the missile defense and anti-aircraft weapons systems.

The media reported that at the end of 2011, North Korea tested an intercontinental medium-range ballistic missile. The launch was made in the east of the DPRK.

Over the past decade, more than 200 launches of ballistic missiles and launch vehicles have been detected by means of the Main Missile Warning Center.

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  1. alatau_09
    alatau_09 10 January 2012 14: 59
    "According to him, not a single missile was allowed through by means of observation."

    Guys, you can’t even blink while on duty !!! You are at the forefront ... especially right now ...
    1. alatau_09
      alatau_09 10 January 2012 16: 26
      it’s not necessary to exaggerate, everything that flies into the field of view of the radar / viewing range of up to 6000 km depending on the operating frequencies / falls, but for the most part only funds that are likely to reach the territory of Russia and its allies are counted and tracked ...
      Own launches - to confirm the set flight paths and launch ranges ....
  2. maximus
    maximus 10 January 2012 15: 03
    Well, yes, this is in order, nobody farts unnoticed here)
  3. and1975
    and1975 10 January 2012 15: 14
    everything is so good and you can sleep peacefully, but at the same time, then, on Red Square, Rust lands just as an example, although this was also monitored and he was led for a long time only to give up the order and no one was afraid.
  4. Samsebenaum
    Samsebenaum 10 January 2012 15: 19
    Well what to say? The eyes and ears of Russia.
    The saying is well suited: "Forewarned is forearmed"
    1. trojan768
      trojan768 10 January 2012 15: 22
      You have a good plan, Comrade Stalin!
  5. azgard
    azgard 10 January 2012 15: 21
    well done men smile
    that's just what confuses ...
    discovered about 30 launches of space and ballistic missiles
    there everything should definitely be)))
  6. sichevik
    sichevik 10 January 2012 15: 24
    I take off my hat and bow my head in front of these people. If it weren’t for them, someone would have thrown us warheads a long time ago. Honor and praise to our air defense forces.
  7. Sphere
    Sphere 10 January 2012 15: 25
    The main thing that our time to repel a missile attack ....
  8. basal
    basal 10 January 2012 15: 53
    The article is completely stupid. Journalists crowed about what they absolutely do not understand, the understudied humanities, damn it.

    In 2011, the missile attack alert system (SPRN) forces and the missile defense (ABM) information system discovered approximately 30 launches of space and ballistic missiles. These launches were carried out both by Russia and other states, said Zolotukhin.

    The term "approximately" is by definition invalid.

    According to him, not a single missile was missed by means of observation.

    How does this compare with "about"?
    Well, explain to the heap how we divide missiles into comic and "simply" ballistic. I think "just" ballistic missiles in 2011 were fired a little over thirty near our borders. I would like to watch a video of the interview ...
    1. Setevik
      Setevik 10 January 2012 15: 57
      Ballistic missile, a missile whose flight takes place along a ballistic trajectory

      That is, any crap running on a jet draft with a ballistic trajectory (at least Grad, for example)
      1. basal
        basal 10 January 2012 16: 43
        Thank you, I know that, but the journalists have not the slightest idea, but what aplomb !!! And the question is rather about what is "approximately" regarding the control of missile launches. If such things are said by a person who is really dealing with these issues, then it becomes very uncomfortable. That's why I asked for a link to the press conference.
    2. viktor_ui
      viktor_ui 10 January 2012 15: 59
      basal - well noticed - a bonus.
    3. Svetlana
      Svetlana 11 January 2012 00: 16
      Ordinary army blunders.
  9. Setevik
    Setevik 10 January 2012 15: 54
    Aircrafts also sat on the lawn of the "white house" .... And why?
    1. viktor_ui
      viktor_ui 10 January 2012 16: 06
      Setevik - of course, he sat down and from the enemy block was ... yes ... Then Rust had what depth of air defense to open due to its saturation.
  10. Sokol peruna
    Sokol peruna 10 January 2012 15: 55
    What rocket launches detect is certainly good. But in Eastern Siberia and the Far East, we have weak air defense, mainly S-300PS armed
    1. Superduck
      Superduck 10 January 2012 21: 21
      it’s as if in the European part a solid s400
  11. basal
    basal 10 January 2012 16: 09
    In, damn it, I did not read the last paragraph:

    Over the past decade, more than 200 launches of ballistic missiles and launch vehicles have been detected by means of the Main Missile Warning Center.

    Well, just a paragraph ... If someone else explains to me the terms "ballistic missile" and "launch vehicle", as well as the meaning of this paragraph, I would be grateful. And if I'm wrong, I'll take the queue in the madhouse for treatment.
    1. Kyrgyz
      Kyrgyz 10 January 2012 18: 55
      apparently it’s a ballistic one that flew away and returned and the carrier it flew away and did not return
    2. Ascetic
      Ascetic 10 January 2012 22: 39
      A ballistic missile is a type of missile weapon. Most of the flight is on a ballistic trajectory, that is, it is in uncontrolled motion.
      A booster rocket (LV, also a space rocket, rocket launcher) is an apparatus operating on the principle of jet propulsion (rocket) and designed to launch a payload into outer space.

      In colloquial speech and in the media, a distorted (etymologically incorrect) form of this term is often used: "launch vehicle".

      Sometimes the term “booster rocket” is used in an expanded sense: a rocket designed to deliver payloads (artificial Earth satellites, spaceships, nuclear and non-nuclear warheads) to a given point (in space, in a remote area of ​​the Earth or ocean). In this interpretation, the term "launch vehicle" combines the terms "space rocket" (ILV) and "intercontinental ballistic missile" (ICBM)
      So it's practically the same thing - taftology
      1. basal
        basal 11 January 2012 20: 00
        Let's decide. A ballistic trajectory is the trajectory of any material body moving by inertia in accordance with the law of terrestrial gravity. That is, if you fired an ICBM at the enemy, or if you threw a pebble at him, they would still fly along a ballistic trajectory after the engine, rocket, or own-hand stopped working.
        Maybe I'm wrong? Poor physics taught?
  12. Barbarian
    Barbarian 10 January 2012 16: 50
    Quote: Sokol Peruna
    But in Eastern Siberia and the Far East, we have weak air defense, mainly S-300PS armed

    Shhhh. It's a military secret!
  13. cerber
    cerber 10 January 2012 16: 53
    Rusta not shot down due to the case of the Korean Boeing
  14. dred
    dred 10 January 2012 17: 26
    It would be better to let Glonas go.
    1. urzul
      urzul 10 January 2012 17: 32
      "glonass" dear and how old are you ???
    2. Ulyanov
      Ulyanov 11 January 2012 01: 01
      dreadlocks, revolver, illiteracy - search on youtube for "Pavlik the drug addict" - it all fits.

      And on the topic, the results of the year from Dancomm:
      Of the epoch-making events, a breakthrough in the field of creating hypersonic weapons can be noted. The Americans did not manage to achieve the operability of the HTV-2; instead, cartoons “how it could be” were widely shown. In the Russian Federation, successful tests of a similar type of weapons have been carried out and work is underway to further improve it.
      The SBU system is being improved. The rearmament begun this year with a new system from the Signals series will allow to fully realize the capabilities inherent in the new missile systems, as well as repeatedly increase the stability and reliability of delivering orders to command posts and launchers, including under conditions of nuclear impact.
      New information systems are being created for senior management, allowing the most efficient use of existing weapons systems both individually and comprehensively, which will ensure that the specified damage is done to the enemy with the available strategic nuclear and non-nuclear means.
      In terms of East Kazakhstan area. The creation of a promising air defense system S-500 with new long-range and ultra-long-range missiles continues. In addition to the traditionally perfect air defense characteristics, missile defense capabilities will be added that are not inferior to the capabilities of the SM-3 system.

      A planned deployment of the Voronezh VZG radar is being carried out in order to form a closed radar warning field for a missile attack. At the moment, new radars are deployed in Lehtusi, Armavir, Kaliningrad. Work on the creation of the TSA go to the finish line.

      The A-135 missile defense system is being modernized - new algorithms for the system’s operation have been implemented on the updated computing complex, and 53T6M missile defense tests have been carried out.

      The first anti-satellite combat system was adopted. Work continues on the creation of three other PSB systems for various purposes, including the domestic airborne laser complex.

      A GPS suppression system and the protection of critical objects from precision weapons are being deployed.

      The prototype of a new generation of EMP weapons has been tested. The achieved characteristics are not inferior to the similar American model.

      A large amount of work is being done to counter missile defense systems. In terms of developing new PCBs, products have already been created and are currently being tested. In terms of ensuring the destruction of missile defense systems, work continues. Specialized striking means are being created, information systems are being linked, electronic warfare equipment is being deployed.
  15. Staff_
    Staff_ 10 January 2012 18: 23
    "found approximately 30 launches of space and ballistic missiles"
    What does approximately mean ??????? crying What's this? It seemed to the soldier on the tower that the rocket flew by ???????
  16. Barbarian
    Barbarian 11 January 2012 16: 37
    Quote: Staff_
    "found approximately 30 launches of space and ballistic missiles"

    well, somewhere around 20-40, the calculator broke down, and the pen in the cold does not write