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Rybinsk has built the fifth hydrographic boat

Another large hydrographic boat of the 19920 project, built according to a state defense order for the Russian Navy, was launched. TASS message of the press service of the Rybinsk Shipbuilding Plant "Vympel" JSC.

Rybinsk has built the fifth hydrographic boat

“This is the fifth boat of this project that Vympel built for the Navigation and Oceanography Department of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. The contract for this project was completed, the plant began to build a small hydrographic boat ",
says release.

It is reported that the "vessel of the project" 19920 "with a displacement of 320 tons and a length of almost 37 meters will receive its name at the duty station on the North navy". The crew of the boat is 11 people.

“Its mission is hydrographic and pilotage activities in the coastal areas of the sea. Also, the ship is capable of delivering people and special equipment to the unequipped coast, ”the press service noted.
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  1. Vladimir 38
    Vladimir 38 3 September 2016 10: 41
    But how happy it is when every day, we have something built! Yesterday they wrote that the engine for the T50 was ready! Well done!
  2. Danil Laryon
    Danil Laryon 3 September 2016 10: 42
    geographic society will be pretty
  3. Altona
    Altona 3 September 2016 12: 45
    The ship is large, and the crew is small. Beautiful in its own way, there are many mechanisms on the deck.
  4. midshipman
    midshipman 3 September 2016 18: 02
    In 1956 he passed naval practice on a hydrographic ship. He had to check, establish milestones, buoys, targets on the passageways of submarines, patrol ships, minesweepers and boats from the Baltic to the Northern Fleet. The practice was excellent, the crew harmonious. It was nice to look at the passing ships, which on the BBK fairways, lakes and the White Sea thanks loudly thanked for the service. In the evenings, our small ship came up against the shore and the commander allowed us to pick berries and mushrooms on the shore. And how many beasts there were, the mind is incomprehensible. Sometimes they approached the marinas, then the music turned on and the girls, and the boys on the pier arranged dances. And adults brought and treated with northern delicacies. I especially liked the pickled vendace. He looked and remembered his youth, a pleasant memory. I have the honor.