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CFE is not subject to resuscitation


In the West, calls for Russia to adopt joint disarmament programs have become more frequent. Now, German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier spoke of the need to conclude a new arms control agreement in Europe "to achieve transparency, prevent risks and build trust" in order to avoid a new race between Russia and NATO.

The proposal, as they say, is not devoid of meaning, but only on the condition that it is precisely defined the reasons why “the existing arms control mechanisms have been cracking at the seams for several years.”

How does Mr. Steinmeier identify these causes? “... The terms of the Treaty on Conventional Arms in Europe (CFE. - Yu.R.), under which, after 1990, tens of thousands were eliminated in Europe tanks and heavy weapons, have been ignored by Russia for several years now, ”he says. - Verification mechanisms for the Vienna Document (in accordance with the Vienna Document 2011, participating states exchange information on military forces and basic weapons and equipment systems, on defense planning and military budgets. - Yu.R.) do not work - Russia refuses to necessary modernization ... And the capture of Crimea turned into a waste paper the Budapest memorandum - a guarantee of security for Ukraine. ”

In Russian, they say in such cases - to throw from a sick head to a healthy one. It is well known that the problem of effective arms control in Europe made three waves of NATO expansion relevant. With the transition to the NATO camp of the former socialist countries of Eastern Europe and the Soviet republics of the Baltic States, the CFE Treaty concluded in 1990 became meaningless. All the flank restrictions established by him were violated in favor of NATO. The adapted version of the treaty, which was supposed to be launched after the OSCE Istanbul Summit in 1999, was rejected by the NATO countries.

However, the leaders of the alliance without laughter claim that NATO, which has not expanded, is on the threshold of Russia, and Russia is approaching the borders of the alliance. In accordance with this logic, turned inside out, Russia, after it stopped its participation in the CFE Treaty in 2007, began to be accused of undermining arms control. The charges intensified after Russia in March 2015 of the year withdrew from the Treaty finally and ceased to participate in meetings of the Joint Consultative Group (SCG) on the CFE Treaty.

In addition, Russia is blamed for undermining the verification mechanisms of the Vienna Document. So, in Washington, they are dissatisfied with the verification of the combat readiness of the armed forces in Russia these days. Similarly, the NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, responding to a surprise check of the combat and mobilization readiness of the troops held in June in Russia, said that such checks "are a way of not fulfilling the agreements contained in the Vienna Document." The answer from Moscow followed immediately. Anatoly Antonov, Deputy Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation, stressed that Russia had notified the military attaches of the 2011 Vienna State member states of the sudden verification of the armed forces, stressing that this had been done, despite the fact that the provisions of this document were not applicable to verification.

Now, judging by the suggestion of F.-V. Steinmeier, it comes to some kind of reincarnation of the CFE Treaty with the proposal to include in the agreement new weapons systems, to determine the upper limits of regional borders and the minimum distances between them, taking into account new military capabilities and strategies. Steinmeier sees the OSCE as a platform for dialogue, and a structured dialogue with all partners responsible for security on our continent as a form of working out approaches to a future agreement.

Outwardly, everything looks sane, but only outwardly - if you do not see the pitfalls in the Berlin proposal.

There can be no talk of any new version of the old CFE Treaty. Last year’s Moscow’s decision to withdraw from this treaty was not spontaneous, because further adherence to a hopelessly outdated document caused direct damage to Russia's military security. Sergei Lavrov, two years ago, spoke out on this issue quite definitely: “We are called upon to return to the implementation of the so-called CFE Treaty. He rested in the Bose for a long time and cannot be reanimated. ”

It is worth paying attention to the words of F.-V. Steinmeier that a restart of arms control should be applicable to areas with a disputed territorial status. From the point of view of the West, there are such only in the post-Soviet space - Transnistria, South Ossetia, Abkhazia. And, of course, the Crimea, whose entry into Russia for the third year is not recognized by the West and is accompanied by anti-Russian sanctions, the abolition of which Steinmeier does not even stutter (at least in the order of initiative that could lead to the start of arms control talks).

If Moscow were involved in the negotiations on the conditions proposed by Steinmeier, it would have to participate in such an absurdity as to agree on the volume and range of weapons located on its own territory in Crimea, as well as on the territory of its allied, although not recognized, republics. Or, even worse, “exchange” the status of these republics for some concessions to the West under the agreement sought. The latter, it is possible, may concern the republics of New Russia.

Next: unlike the CFE Treaty, which was signed by 19 in November on 1990, that is, in the context of the confrontation between NATO and the Warsaw Pact, the new treaty cannot proceed from the past bloc structure. The very fact of adopting at the NATO summit in Warsaw (2016) in Warsaw a strategy of containing the “threat from the East” and “intimidation” of Russia suggests that the West would benefit from a design in which Russia would be forced to negotiate with the alliance as a whole.

Agreeing with such an approach would mean stepping on the old rake: after all, it is precisely the block principle on which the CFE Treaty was built (despite the fact that the quotas of arms and equipment limited by treaty were established for each individual country and were complemented by numerical limitation of weapons on the flanks of the NATO-line ATS), allowed one side - NATO to strengthen at the expense of the other side - the Warsaw Pact that collapsed soon and eventually forced Russia to measure its groupings with the forces of the alliance as a whole. Despite the fact that the cold war was solemnly declared in the West ended.

Conclusion one: in the case of the development of a new treaty, each of the countries participating in it should take the appropriate restrictions.

Of course, the most important condition for starting work on a new arms control treaty is to end the war in the Donbas. In all his postwar history Europe did not know the fighting of such duration. Ukraine has become a “black hole”, dragging a huge amount of weapons... It is impossible to imagine that, as long as Ukraine conducts systematic shelling of the cities of Donbass, the Kiev regime will take over at least some voluntary arms restrictions. And without this, no security system in Europe is possible.

“Our defense capabilities, both in the West and in Russia, are experiencing increased pressure. And no one will win, everyone will only lose from the exhausting arms race, ”we must agree with this conclusion of the German Foreign Minister. It remains only to agree on the causes of the "increased load".

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  1. Vend
    Vend 2 September 2016 15: 35
    As soon as the West understands that they are behind in armament. The battle is dressed in peacemaking clothes to stop the country that is ahead of them. And you won’t dig.
    1. APASUS
      APASUS 2 September 2016 18: 00
      Quote: Wend
      As soon as the West understands that they are behind in armament. The battle is dressed in peacemaking clothes to stop the country that is ahead of them. And you won’t dig.

      And as always, do not bring the Armed Forces to one denominator, but try to weaken another country with such an agreement
    2. mr.Man
      mr.Man 3 September 2016 11: 21
      As soon as the Americans return to their можноо можнос договт̶р̶о̶в̶ continent, we can agree with European Сolonies (America)
  2. B.T.V.
    B.T.V. 2 September 2016 15: 49
    We already disarmed in the 90s, and still "hiccups".
    1. Kasym
      Kasym 2 September 2016 20: 57
      I understand it differently. Europe without the United States militarily is not self-sufficient. The arms race will not sustain and will go bankrupt. Moreover, being drawn in, he will forever remain a vassal of the White House. To them, if you really look at things, there is no other way. They like to rush into the pursuit, or turn on the back. And the first means the complete re-equipment of BTT, and other vehicles; missile weapons; The EU with its 5th generation in the air (if they do not want to become addicted), shooter. armament and equipment, electronic warfare and electronic warfare - a lot of money, hundreds of billions .. An old Europe will not pull, even with the United States it will be difficult to raise this matter. If you look at the dilapidated arsenal of nuclear weapons of the US Armed Forces - it’s time to change minetmen - and the emphasis is on the Navy. It remains for Europeans to include the rear. You cannot start a good deed with a lie. It was the Europeans who refused to take into account the armaments of the new NATO countries in the East. Europe. Now, if with an apology and remorse, but reasonable actions in Ukraine; forces in the Baltic states and Poland sent home. And so, excuse me, the king-father is unlikely to even listen. hi
      The Germans will soon have a struggle for power, so Stahnmeier began to "play the right tune" - you can't really fool the Germans, there are enough of our Germans there. They told them that the sanctions ... will sentence all polit. elite of the EU. One (Cameron) withdrew, Hollande and Merkel are hanging by a thread and are unlikely to sit still. And after this three all the rest will "fall".
      1. Iskander Sh
        Iskander Sh 4 September 2016 19: 59
        Hollande with Merkel hanging in the balance

        Ms. Merkel at the root destroyed, yes, it destroyed, any opposition against herself. Now in Germany they talk almost the same way as in Russia, who if not she. What kind of hair are we talking about?

        Hollande is likely to choose a second time, for the same reason as the first.
        1. Sergej1972
          Sergej1972 5 September 2016 12: 08
          And where did the SPD go? Restores its position.
  3. maxim1987
    maxim1987 2 September 2016 15: 50
    Thank God in our Ministry of Defense and Foreign Affairs the time of idiots and gentlemen "Yes" has passed.
    1. dmi.pris1
      dmi.pris1 2 September 2016 17: 06
      I don’t agree. There are enough "Zurabovs" there, especially in diplomatic work ..
  4. Lumumba
    Lumumba 2 September 2016 16: 03
    They will impose arms reductions at any cost, but only in order to weaken the country in the face of a global strike from the United States. This is a historical necessity for the United States, and the question of "when" is a matter of time. None of them set other goals. And I am glad that those above are well aware of this.

    I’ll add in time: Please note that all the programs I know about rearmament and putting into operation - end in 2019 - 2021. What is it for?
  5. uskrabut
    uskrabut 2 September 2016 16: 07
    Nobody bothers the West to control its weapons laughing And they need to forget about our weapons, enough, taught. First, remove NATO from Europe, and then we will agree.
  6. kartalovkolya
    kartalovkolya 2 September 2016 16: 10
    Article plus! That's right, because you just can't play "with one gate", NATO does whatever it wants, and Russia cannot "emerge"! VVP correctly decided when he sent this gang-watering can "to hell", otherwise it comes to the point of absurdity, as in that joke: a man shit on his neighbor's porch and asked him for toilet paper! It seems to me that NATO is 100 percent like this guy: crap on neighbors, and then wonders at the reaction to his nasty things!
  7. Mestny
    Mestny 2 September 2016 16: 16
    Quote: Lumumba
    I’ll add in time: Please note that all the programs I know about rearmament and putting into operation - end in 2019 - 2021. What is it for?

    And not only rearmament, but also civilian programs in the majority are designed up to the year 20 ... And not only in Russia.
    Conspirology of course, but somehow ...
    1. Senior manager
      Senior manager 4 September 2016 09: 18
      The thirtieth year already slips in plans.
  8. Lekov L
    Lekov L 2 September 2016 16: 35
    The author writes
    The proposal, as they say, is not devoid of meaning, but only on the condition that it is precisely defined the reasons why “the existing arms control mechanisms have been cracking at the seams for several years.”

    I strongly disagree with this since proposal absolutely meaningless. Further, the author fully argues my opinion, and ends the article again with no justified own thesis
    "Our defense potentials, both in the West and in Russia, are under increased pressure. And no one will win, everyone will only lose from the exhausting arms race," this conclusion of the German Foreign Minister must be accepted.

    At the same time, the article mentions that the CFE Treaty was signed by 19.11.90, that is, in the context of the confrontation between NATO and ATS.
    Following the formal logic that Yuri Rubtsov perfectly demonstrated in the article itself, he had to draw the following corresponding symmetry of the actions of countries in Europe:
    1) United Germany should completely disarm, keep only police formations and border guard services, destroy aviation, armored units, artillery, fleet, etc.
    2) Former ATS countries who went to ... sorry, democracy should do the same.
    3) NATO countries bordering at least one of the ATS countries (i.e., both Turkey and Norway) should have acted symmetrically.
    4) Insufficiently adequate small and not-so states have the right to declare themselves neutral and then follow the example of Shveyaria or the Vatican.
    The security band formed after the implementation of my proposals to Mr. Steinmeier will satisfy, as it seems to me, any spherical peacemaker in a vacuum.
    And Germany and Poland will save money so that they can still accept millions of 15 refugees.
    And do not listen to any other suggestions.
    We are partners, here we must, with respect ... reciprocal and symmetrical!
    1. Smog
      Smog 2 September 2016 19: 20
      You can even more radical:
      The withdrawal of NATO troops from the territory of the former socialist camp.
      Placement in these countries of groups of troops of the Russian Federation in an amount similar to that of the USSR
      Naturally no armed forces of their own in these countries.
      Then you can still think about talking wassat
      Science fiction however crying
    2. rruvim
      rruvim 4 September 2016 15: 51
      Especially if We are with China ... wink
      1. murriou
        murriou 8 September 2016 20: 14
        China is always self-explanatory. You don’t really have to rely on him.
  9. Yak28
    Yak28 2 September 2016 16: 40
    Quote: B.T.W.
    We already disarmed in the 90s, and still "hiccups".

    Probably if there was a nuclear war with NATO, Russia would lose less military equipment, factories and factories than under Yeltsin with his wonderful reign. wink
  10. The comment was deleted.
  11. The comment was deleted.
  12. Masya masya
    Masya masya 2 September 2016 21: 03
    "after all, it was the principle of blocism, on which the CFE Treaty was built (despite the fact that formally quotas of arms and equipment limited by the treaty were set for each individual country and supplemented by numerical limitation of weapons on the flanks of the NATO and ATS confrontation line), allowed one side - NATO to strengthen at the expense of on the other hand, the Warsaw Pact that soon collapsed and eventually forced Russia to balance its groupings with the forces of the alliance as a whole. " Let them cut it themselves, we have nothing to cut ...
  13. guzik007
    guzik007 3 September 2016 00: 07
    It’s too late to drink Borjomi when the kidneys rotted. She died so.
  14. Alexander S.
    Alexander S. 3 September 2016 05: 35
    Yes, everything is simple. It is necessary that the West kneel down and repent ... and also ask for forgiveness ... then we can think ...
    and refuse.
    And ... yet ... we would also leave the obsession ... and return only when all the extra countries come out from there ... not European.
  15. Gormenghast
    Gormenghast 3 September 2016 07: 07
    Terms fantastic new CFE Treaty. If someone is interested in fantasizing.

    1. NATO reduces arms to the Russian level.
    2. Demilitarization of buffer countries.
    3. Dismantling or offset of shock missile launchers disguised as "missile defense systems".
    4. The decapitation of the Baltic and Ukrainian fascists. laughing
  16. wandlitz
    wandlitz 3 September 2016 09: 51
    Like an old joke "No, she died, she died" .....
  17. vmo
    vmo 3 September 2016 11: 06
    It’s too late to drink Borjomi, put it in the stalls, then maybe we’ll talk!
  18. Phosgene
    Phosgene 3 September 2016 15: 21
    Russia should stop all disarmament.
  19. V.ic
    V.ic 3 September 2016 15: 52
    Another squeak on the topic: let's disarm, and how beautiful to kill you, we'll think! What word is written through the "soft sign"? That's it!
  20. Andrey Gladkikh
    Andrey Gladkikh 3 September 2016 17: 02
    Yuri Rubtsov: "Of course, the most important condition for starting work on a new arms control treaty is to end the war in Donbass."
    I think that a hundred is not the end of the war in Donbass, but the full implementation of the Minsk agreements, which will make Ukraine not even a federation, but a confederation. That, in theory, should exclude the entry of Ukraine into blocks and unions hostile to Russia. And then we can talk about the limitation of conventional weapons.
  21. Altona
    Altona 3 September 2016 20: 54
    The Budapest Memorandum was based on the non-alignedness of Ukraine. When Ukraine declared its preference to follow the entry into NATO and the EU, the Budapest Memorandum ended there. That is, it ended under Yanukovych, who began to flirt with NATO and the EU. But svidomye do not know about it because they do not know how to read, or they have no time.
  22. sharp-lad
    sharp-lad 3 September 2016 21: 40
    It is possible and necessary to agree with the masters of Europe directly in Washington, and not spend in empty time on idle breeds! In general, all conversations with Poland, France and Germany should be conducted only after the full implementation of their guarantees to Yanukovych! And then they became noisy, cockroaches for stoves.
  23. Disorder
    Disorder 4 September 2016 00: 17
    Walkers went to Lenin, Steinmeier walks from Putin. laughing For at least the third time, he is sent on a "walking trip".
  24. rruvim
    rruvim 4 September 2016 15: 48
    The Budapest Memorandum is a temporary document and must be renewed (within the framework of the CFE Treaty). This can be seen from the plot of the document. So, despite the fact that Yolkin signed it, the refusal to extend the CFE Treaty will automatically neutralize BM. So, Crimea is Ours!
  25. Volzhanin
    Volzhanin 5 September 2016 12: 16
    Nemchura it like who? Talking with mongrels - don't respect yourself! Onethe patients wholeheartedly - encephalitis and meningitis - so you can pick up the infection. The dialogue with the Papuans is not handy.
    Why do these German nonentities dare to open their mouths when they are not asked by a white gentleman?
    A kick in the ass to the pedrilic German henchmen of the Ameripedes is the most humane thing that can be allowed in this situation. Is there really no one in our entire government to show the "correct" path to this German belch and to plug its stinking mouth with a boot?